Our Cleveland Priests

Fr. DunsonThere are 405 diocesan priests in the Diocese of Cleveland, with 273 priests in active ministry and 104 retired priests. In addition, 28 priests are in special classifications, (e.g. military service, mission work, graduate studies or released from diocesan ministry). A team of 4 priests, 2 women religious and 3 lay women serve in the diocesan mission in El Salvador, established in 1964.

In parishes served by diocesan priests, there are now 131 parishes with only one priest, 55 with two priests, 17 with three priests, and 2 with four priests. There are also several parishes that share a single priest and five parishes with pastoral teams. In addition, sixteen parishes are entrusted to religious communities. (Click here to see the current statistics)

The numbers of priests have shown marked decline from the peak number of almost 600 priests in active ministry in 1970, a reality across the United States and in other parts of the world. More striking are the changes in the number of priests under age 40, which went from 240 in 1970 (36% of all diocesan priests) to 29 in 2005 (7% of priests, a trend likely to continue). This trend of significantly fewer younger clergy, however, is not exclusive to the Catholic Church as it has been experienced in other denominations as well.

God is still calling men to the Priesthood - Are you one of them?

- Excerpt from Vibrant Parish Life

Statistics on the Ordination Class of 2011 in the United States
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