Lesson Planning

Junior High has historically been the time when educators teach about the vocations of priesthood and the religious life. It is a time when students are mature enough to ask questions about their future and explore their inclinations without being as inhibited by the social pressures of adolescence and junior high. Though originally developed for sixth graders, this curriculum has been taught with great success at the seventh and eighth grade levels as well. Some 9th grade teachers have also expressed an interest in using it in their classrooms.

The What Is My Vocation curriculum consists of 15 lessons that discuss such topics as:

• Christian Discipleship
• The importance of Prayer
• Marriage
• Single Life
• Priesthood
• Life in the Seminary
• Religious Sisters, Brothers, and Priests

The goal of this vocation curriculum is to engage the imagination of each student with the material presented in order to help them to explore the possibilities of all vocations: marriage, single, priest, and religious life. What Is My Vocation attempts to accomplish this by offering substantial material that is discussed by the teacher and students.

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