A Message to Parents

For many parents, the thought of a son entering into the Priesthood begins to bring about deep fears. Questions begin to ask:

  • Am I losing my son?

  • My son won't have children, and I want grandchildren?

  • What about financial security?

  • What if my son is unhappy and lonely?

  • Who would want to be a priest in today's culture?

  • What about celibacy?

While these may be valid questions, the truth is that many priests are joyful and fulfilled through their prayer, life, and ministry.

The following thought, reflection, and question comes from Why Should I Encourage My Son to Be a Priest? by Fr. Andrew Carl Wisdom, OP:

"Why should parents encourage their sons to become priests? Encouraging someone means inspiring a person with hope, courage, or confidence, heartening and giving support. This is at the heart of what parents do best. It is the duty of parents who recognize and perhaps have known the anguished spiritual cry for 'a doctor in the house' to see the house of God has physicians of the soul."

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